Elizabeth Owens

Elizabeth Owens, principal designer, began developing and implementing her vision of a fresh, clean approach to interior design over thirty years ago.  She has applied her vision to myriad design styles from urban settings to mountain retreats, in locations spanning the intermountain west.  Elizabeth’s attention to every detail reflects artistry, simplicity, and timeless sophistication. Her unique ability to achieve beauty and style, while balancing value for her clients, has propelled her celebrated career.


Our services include:

  • Conceptual design, finished schedules, furniture plans, floor plans, interior elevations, reflective ceiling plans and tile layout
  • Collaboration with key partners, such as architects and contractors
  • Selection of plumbing fixtures, floor coverings, wall treatment, furniture, fabrics and window treatments
  • Custom design of furniture, cabinetry and lighting to fit specific needs
  • Ordering, tracking and inspection of all furnishings, fabrics, and accessories
  • Project management, coordinating schedules,

Art Enriches Lives

Visual imagery is a vital part of my life and I share this with clients as I select and commission art from contemporary artists. Through the years I have discovered and developed relations with many incredible, talented artists.

The installation is complete as paintings are hung and sculpture displayed giving a personal and artistic touch enriching the space.